Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The University Flip or Flop

The make or break lifestyle of your typical University student.
Relationships, money, alcohol, friends. Enough to last a lifetime.
However facing the facts coming to University is going to determine whom you are as a person.

I am sure plenty of you have yourself suffered or witnessed the breaking of a relationship whilst in your studies. I sure know I have, suffered, witnessed & caused.
But thats what university is about, learning who you are, getting a degree, and getting the best idea of the life you have to look forward to.

Since coming to Bournemouth I can say I have definitely changed significantly, some say for the better, some do not comment...
I myself see it as an improvement, not having to pay for weekly £25 spray tans and £30 nails is keeping me within my small weekly budget.
But what student has the kind of money to do that anyway?

Come on, you're a student, and a Bournemouth student at that. To all first years, wheres the place to be when the cupboards are dry with only one can of 14p spaghetti as company, Asda?
I have £25 to spend a week in here, my first week down I walked in grabbed a trolley & stocked up £140 worth of alcohol and food, luckily this was covered by 'bank of dad'. Seriously though, where does the money go, the vodka? The wine? Or the stash of Birds Eye potato waffles in the freezer?
On a final note, I can safely say the bullet points above represent the majority of students I have met, and if you don't suffer the crunch of weekly budgets, its Lava tonight, drinks on you!

Monday, 28 February 2011

90210 - The hype.

So, 90210, area code, just like 01202...

This is the only & only area code for Beverley Hills.
I am obsessed, usually when people mention the program I wouldn't feel ashamed to shrug & mutter,
"Never seen it"
NOW I see the 'hype', the 'downlow', the 'shizzle' for what it really is.

An exciting puddle of joy & well excitement..
I only chose to watch 90210 when I realist 3 days ago that it was 3 days till the next Desperate Housewives episode, and 4 till the next Glee.

But now, I love love love love loooooooooove it.

Gosh this blog is casual & unorganised, however it is 1:58am <-- yes I learnt to use a 'timing' colon correctly.

What are you guys into right now? Any recommendations?
Gleeky Housewive 90210 ;)

Missing Home?

I haven't been home in 1 month now

That's a long time for me.
However, I am SO busy right now, BAMMJ is a tough course, keep that in mind for all you future BU'ers.
It's definitely worth it though, the work you put in represents who you are?

Anyway, home.
I miss home alot, just because I am so close to my family, I speak to people about not being home and most reply, "I haven't been home in 3 months - no I don't miss it."

I have a flatmate who originates from China, I do not know how she does it, apart from her 3am rants in chinese at her macbook, I quite admire her being away for so long. Especially over the Christmas period, thats all about family, right?

Whats your opinions? Do you get homesick?
Love, still-muffinless

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pregnancy - what age is the right age?

Since coming to uni, a few friends have contacted me, explaining their 'situation'.
Recently, I received a phone call from Essex.

:Hi, do you have time to speak?
:Sure go ahead,
:Georgia, I'm pregnant.
:*drops muffin*

Not only did I drop the muffin I intended on enjoying, but my friend, someone whom relied on me, had dropped a muffin of her own.

Now, usually if this was someone else, I would probably go into a rant on how you shouldn't have got pregnant in the first place, and if you want the child its your decision.
I still believe this, however, its hard when someone so close to you says something like this.

What I would like to know, is what IS the "right" age to have a child, surely not 19? Still a child yourself, whether the law states it or not.
I would say mid twenties, but it definitely depends on the person in hand.

Post your opinion?
Love, Muffin-less.