Monday, 28 February 2011

90210 - The hype.

So, 90210, area code, just like 01202...

This is the only & only area code for Beverley Hills.
I am obsessed, usually when people mention the program I wouldn't feel ashamed to shrug & mutter,
"Never seen it"
NOW I see the 'hype', the 'downlow', the 'shizzle' for what it really is.

An exciting puddle of joy & well excitement..
I only chose to watch 90210 when I realist 3 days ago that it was 3 days till the next Desperate Housewives episode, and 4 till the next Glee.

But now, I love love love love loooooooooove it.

Gosh this blog is casual & unorganised, however it is 1:58am <-- yes I learnt to use a 'timing' colon correctly.

What are you guys into right now? Any recommendations?
Gleeky Housewive 90210 ;)

Missing Home?

I haven't been home in 1 month now

That's a long time for me.
However, I am SO busy right now, BAMMJ is a tough course, keep that in mind for all you future BU'ers.
It's definitely worth it though, the work you put in represents who you are?

Anyway, home.
I miss home alot, just because I am so close to my family, I speak to people about not being home and most reply, "I haven't been home in 3 months - no I don't miss it."

I have a flatmate who originates from China, I do not know how she does it, apart from her 3am rants in chinese at her macbook, I quite admire her being away for so long. Especially over the Christmas period, thats all about family, right?

Whats your opinions? Do you get homesick?
Love, still-muffinless

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pregnancy - what age is the right age?

Since coming to uni, a few friends have contacted me, explaining their 'situation'.
Recently, I received a phone call from Essex.

:Hi, do you have time to speak?
:Sure go ahead,
:Georgia, I'm pregnant.
:*drops muffin*

Not only did I drop the muffin I intended on enjoying, but my friend, someone whom relied on me, had dropped a muffin of her own.

Now, usually if this was someone else, I would probably go into a rant on how you shouldn't have got pregnant in the first place, and if you want the child its your decision.
I still believe this, however, its hard when someone so close to you says something like this.

What I would like to know, is what IS the "right" age to have a child, surely not 19? Still a child yourself, whether the law states it or not.
I would say mid twenties, but it definitely depends on the person in hand.

Post your opinion?
Love, Muffin-less.